What do the Buddhists think about Buddhism and nudism?

Buddhism and Naturism:
“Who told you that you were naked?” This question has been written and rewritten for thousands of years in every Christian and Hebrew / Jewish Bible throughout time. In the book of Genesis, God asked Adam and Eve this straightforward question.
Adam and Eve answered that it was the devil who told them that they were naked. Since the start of the parable, the notion of being nude continues to be viewed as an embarrassment, or a reason behind people to feel ashamed of these bodies.
It was a shift in thinking that being naked was no longer the most natural thing on the planet. Adam and Eve just became embarrassed after someone or something told them that it wasn’t proper. When religions throughout the ages have told people that it’s unnatural to be naked in public, most people simply took it as fact. In today’s age, exhibitionists are detained on the spot for appearing naked in public.
It is no wonder that there are now http://modestperson.com/views/my-first-nude-experience-was-when-i-was-younger.php who are raging against such a shift in thinking. Nudists are attempting to bring the shift back to the times before Satan’s persuasion that nudity was erroneous. Christian Naturists still believe that being nude is a natural thing since God was excellent with it before Satan put his two cents in.
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Many Buddhists have become naturists, that’s another name for naturists. Most Buddhists don’t use faith as their reasons for wanting to walk around with outside their clothing on. The notion of being naked is a natural lifestyle to them, irrespective of what the Bible or society says about it. Their way of thinking is more about freedom of speech and expression.
To Buddhists, a society that says something so natural is incorrect, is just one other way to exert control over how people live their lives. Nudism is a way for Buddhists to say that they’ll not be bound by such oppressive narrow minded thinking. Being unclothed for a lot of people is more normal to them than wearing clothing.
They feel much freer when they are not so encumbered by clothing that remind them of the oppressive climate that started over two thousand years ago from one form of idea.
Hindus in India still perform many skyclad rituals where the man is unclothed. Hinduism is among the oldest faiths that’s still being educated in today’s world. It really is the closest religion to authentic spirituality than any other religion.
It really is no surprise that this type of religion would see nudity as the best human state. It’s the closest to God that most people can get because it reveals the true spirit that dwells inside of the human flesh. A spirit without fears, or humiliation, or shame is a soul that has progressed beyond the human form, while still in the human body.
To wear clothing on a person is like covering up the real spirit within. When someone dies and discards their physical form, the spirit is naked in front of God, just as they were before entering the Earth’s plane. In the spirit world, spirits can walk around with or without clothes. There are no oppressive rules that spirits need to follow because they’ve returned back to their authentic selves.
Becoming a nudist is a method for a person to turn back into their true selves, which is the spirit who lives in assurance with whom they actually are underneath all of the facades. Jainism is another religion that teaches the spirit to advance past the human way of thinking. To be oppressed would be to stifle the independence of the soul to reach divine consciousness.
Oppression thwarts the souls path to their own divine nature. Having the freedom to think for ones self is the path that opens the conscious mind to a wide range of spiritual experiences. Performing rites in the nude is a right of passage to your greater path of knowledge. To perform the rites in clothes, would take from their authentic message.
Wiccans performed most of their rites in the unclothed as a result of rite of passage rules of the witchcraft handbook, which stated that all rites would be performed in the nude, to be able to free themselves from their oppressors.
Islamic frown upon nudity in public. Their rules are stringent and binding as it pertains to nudity. Islamic women are not allowed to reveal any parts in their skin when in public. They may be to adhere to the clothing rules of being covered from head to toe with a scarf around their heads to cover their face. Precisely the same goes for men and children.
Men do not have to dress from head to toe, but they’ve been merely to be seen naked facing their wives while in the privacy of the own homes.
There are many clothing optional beaches where folks are permitted to run around on the beach bare. People who appear in garments because of embarrassment, shortly begin to feel more comfortable and they will shed their clothes.
Naturists who inhabit bare beaches are attempting to educate read about the value of being who they’re without all of the encumbrances of societies principles. Appearing naked in public has nothing regarding sexual or lustful intentions.
It’s a way of life, and a liberty of expression. Nudists educate others how to be comfortable in each others presence by looking beyond the fact that the individual is nude. People will begin to feel a way of belonging when they see that each man is exactly the same underneath the clothing.
Liberty without ruling is the best state that any individual can find themselves in. When they challenge themselves by going against the grain, they’re showing that they’ll rise above fear and persecution. They’ll have reached true spiritual enlightenment when they are able to live their lives without fear.
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